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Minor Requirements

The African and African-American Studies minor is composed of the following 21 hours:

Choose one of the following history courses:

  • HIST X280 African-American Culture and History
  • HIST W286 Discovering Africa
  • HIST A276 African American History to 1865
  • HIST A277 African American History Since 1865
  • HIST A336 History of the Old South
  • HIST A337 The New South
  • HIST A349 Africa to 1880
  • HIST A350 Africa 1880 to Present
  • HIST A440 African and Black Diaspora
  • HIST A442 History of Southern Africa

Choose one of the following humanities courses:

  • DRAM V243 Black Theater: 1940-Present
  • ENGL V273 The African Novel
  • ENGL V275 Black Women Novelists
  • ENGL V277 Harlem Renaissance
  • ENGL V278 Black Thought and Art
  • ENGL A250 Introduction to African American Literature
  • ENGL A373 The Black Writer in America
  • ENGL A450 Black Aesthetics
  • MUGN V272 Jazz in American Culture

Choose one of the following social sciences courses:

  • SOCI A204 Introduction to Haitian Society and Culture
  • SOCI A210 Social Psychology
  • SOCI A220 Social Protest Movements
  • SOCI X255 Race and Ethnic Conflict
  • SOCI X312 African Diaspora Communities and Cultures

Electives. Choose four courses from any of the courses listed.