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 Minor Program of Study

The Catholic Studies minor includes the following 21 hours:
RELS V252 Catholicism 3
RELS U247 New Testament as Literature 3

Must include at least one additional Catholic Studies course in the Department of Religious Studies and at least two courses in departments other than religious studies. Courses include:

CLHU U265 Pagans and Christians

ENGL A316 Medieval Literature
ENGL A475 Great Figures– Medieval (Dante)
ENGL A490 Great Figures* (*When appropriate and with approval of advisor)
ENGL U297/HIST A307 Saints, Poets, and Popes in Medieval Italy
ENGL V285 Contemporary Catholic Writers

HIST A304 Early Christianity
HIST A306 Middle Ages
HIST A307/ENGL U297 Saints, Poets, and Popes in Medieval Italy
HIST A310 Age of Reformation
HIST W239 Catholics: Their History
HIST W240 Between Eve and Mary: Women in Medieval Europe
HIST W256 The Crusades

MUGN U271 Medieval Music and Mysticism

PHIL A405 History of Medieval Philosophy
PHIL A408 Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
PHIL U270 Philosophy and Religion in the Middle Ages
PHIL V260 Social Justice
PHIL V278 Philosophy of God
PHIL V281 Philosophical Reasons and Catholic Faith

PHYS Z130 Faith, Science, and Religion (also listed as RELS V330)

RELS A200 Early Christian Thought
RELS A201 Medieval Christian Thought
RELS A255 Synoptic Gospels
RELS A300 Pauline Writings
RELS A315 Johannine Literature
RELS A320 The Christian God
RELS A350 Christology
RELS A354 Dynamics of Salvation
RELS A358 Ecumenical Theology
RELS A400 Theology of Vatican II
RELS U294 Christian Origins & New Testament Literature: Exploring New Testament Texts & Early Christianity within the Ancient Roman World
RELS U336 Parables of Jesus
RELS U339 Experience of Grace
RELS U348 Christian Origins
RESL U359 Jesus in the New Testament
RELS U386 Medieval Synthesis
RELS U388 Sin: History of an Idea
RELS V242 Christian Ethics
RELS V330 Faith, Science, and Religion (also listed as PHYS Z130)
RELS V344 Social Policy and the Christian
RELS V358 Ignatius Loyola
RELS V391 The Mass of the Roman Rite