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Students are required to complete seven (7) different courses equaling 21 semester hours from the following curriculum: at least six hours from each of the three course areas, as well as a mandatory three-hour Environmental Studies Practicum involving field work or independent study.


The Environmental Studies minor is composed of the following 21 hours:

Choose two of the following Natural & Mathematical Sciences courses:

  • BIOL A118 Tropical Ecology
  • BIOL A208 Ecology and Evolution*
  • BIOL A330/A331 General Ecology*
  • BIOL H295 Human Ecological Science
  • BIOL Z230 Human Ecology
  • BIOL Z236 Evolution
  • BIOL Z237 Marine Biology & Conservation
  • BIOL Z244 Mississippi River Delta Ecology
  • BIOL Z264 Global Ecology
  • CHEM A105 - A107 General Chemistry I*
  • CHEM A106 - A108 General Chemistry II*
  • CHEM T122 Intro to Chemistry
  • MATH Z132 Problem Solving in Ecology

Choose two of the following Social Sciences courses:

  • CMMN A475 Environmental Communications**
  • SOCI X235 Environment and Society
  • SOCI X236 Global Environmental Crisis
  • SOCI A286 Sociology of Disaster

Select two of the following Humanities courses:

  • ENGL A394 Literature of Nature
  • ENGL A487 Environmental Theory
  • PHIL V245 Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL V267 Technology & Human Values
  • PHIL Z243 Environmental Philosophy
  • RELS A368 Christianity and the Environment
  • RELS A470 Spirituality of Nature Writers

Senior Capstone Experience

  • ENVA A497 Practicum
  • ENVA A498 Research Project
  • ENVA A499 Independent Study

* - Biology and Chemistry majors may take these courses with permission.

** - Communications majors only.