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Program of Study

The Film Studies Minor requires 21 hrs.
Choose from:
ENGL A220 Introduction to Film and Digital Media 3 crs.
ENGL A313 Feature Screenwriting I 3 crs.
ENGL A314 Feature Screenwriting II 3 crs.
ENGL A370 How to Read a Film 3 crs.
ENGL A371 American Women Directors 3 crs.
ENGL A372 Studies in American Cinema* 3 crs.
ENGL A404 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop 3 crs.
ENGL A408 Writing: Technique and Technology 3 crs.
ENGL A431 Revising American Texts 3 crs.
ENGL A470 Film and the Art of Literary Adaptation 3 crs.
ENGL A472 Studies in European Cinema* 3 crs.
ENGL A495 Special Project Varies
ENGL G472 Ireland Abroad Program 3 crs.
ENGL V244 Screen Power 3 crs.
MUIN M415 Music Visualization 2 crs.
MUIN M425 Video Editing 3 crs.
MUIN M430 Video Writing/Directing 2 crs.
A maximum of any two (2) courses listed below may also be counted towards the Film Studies minor:  
CMMN A260 Introduction to Layout and Design 3 crs.
CMMN A360 Advanced Layout and Design 3 crs.
VISA A275 Graphic Design I 3 crs.
VISA A375 Graphic Design II 3 crs.
VISA A378 Typography I 3 crs.
TOTAL 21 crs.

ENGL courses taken in this minor may not be used in conjunction with an English major.

* These courses may be taken multiple times when the subject matter changes.